To be honest, I don’t know what to blog first. I think and think and think and I came up with the decision to write about my section. So here it is…

Way back, I almost felt that I’m not going to enjoy my college. I didn’t see myself being friends with them. Why? I don’t like them. I was cultured shocked I think? Hindi kasi ako sanay sa ganung set up. Halos matatapos na ung sem tska lang ako nakapag adjust. I realized that they’re fun to be with. I regret the time that was gone. Now, I’m grateful that I have them that I belonged to this class. I don’t say that this section is perfect because actually, we’ve already gone with a lot of problems, issues, and misunderstandings. We don’t have unity at all, but we are happy with one another and I hope that we will be strong enough to face all the challenges that are coming. And I know God is there to help us in our way.  


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